Our operations

By doing the right thing, we can reduce the environmental impact of our operations and be an agent of positive change to protect the natural heritage of future generations.

Waste management

We are committed to significantly reducing the quantity of waste generated by our operations sent to landfills as a result of our operations. To that end, we have implemented several concrete recovery and recycling measures for cardboard, paper, plastic, dry building materials, metal, styrofoam, organic material and hazardous waste.

Energy efficiency

We can take direct action on our energy use—and we are doing so. For the last several years, we have been investing in the implementation of technologies that help us improve our energy efficiency. Our Lowe's stores are all equipped with energy management systems to optimize energy use. Our goal is to install these systems in all our other corporate stores. We are also gradually replacing lighting systems with LED lighting in our corporate stores and distribution centres. We expect these measures to reduce our building energy consumption by close to 15%. As for transport, we are optimizing the routes taken by our fleet of trucks and contributing to electrification efforts with electric vehicle charging stations at some of our stores and at our head office.

Product take-back program

All of our corporate stores recover customers' products that would be hazardous to the environment if they were sent in landfills at the end of their useful life: compact fluorescent light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, batteries, paint, blades, and power tool bit holders. Our partners ÉcoPeinture,  Product Care, Call2Recycle, and Exchange-A-Blade then dispose of the products safely or give them a second life. In addition, we are proud to be the retailer that offers the highest number of paint collection points in Canada. In 2017, we recovered no fewer than 3,545 tons of paint, to say nothing of the 108 tons of batteries and 120 tons of bulbs that our partnerships stopped from going to landfills.

Charges for plastic bags

Each year, Canadian consumers visiting our stores across the country leave with millions of plastic bags. To encourage them to change their shopping habits, our corporate stores are now charging for single-use plastic bags. All profits generated by this initiative will be donated to Nature Conservancy of Canada to fund conservation projects across the country.