Transforming neighbourhoods into communities

A month of September dedicated to heroes

Our employees share the desire to serve Canadians and their projects, whether they be home improvement projects or inspiring projects in their communities. Through the Lowe’s Canada Heroes campaign, our network helps build stronger communities across the country by relying on three key elements:

Fundraising campaign

Throughout the month of September, all corporate stores within the Lowe’s Canada network, as well as some of our distribution centres and participating RONA affiliated dealer stores, are raising funds to support the mission or a specific project of non-profit organizations or public schools that, through their programs and actions, are true heroes in their communities.

Corporate match

At the end of the fundraising campaign, we match 50% of donations raised by each location, up to a maximum of $2,000 per location.


To further support the mission or specific project of their charity partner, some of our employees also choose to devote their personal time to volunteering with the organization selected by their team.

2,100,000 times thank you

For the very first time in 2020, five of our distribution centres, as well as 47 stores affiliated with the RONA banner, joined our Lowe’s, RONA and Reno-Depot corporate stores in this flagship campaign. In total, 289 sites among our network joined forces to support an organization acting as a true hero in their community. Together, they raised an impressive sum, which we matched by 50%, up to a maximum of $2,000 per store or distribution centre. And exceptionally this year, because we recognize the greater needs of hero organizations, which have had to face new challenges and adapt to a new reality, we have also provided an additional amount of $800,000, which was allocated in proportion to the funds raised by participating sites. Thanks to the collective efforts of our network and to the generosity of our customers and those of our affiliated dealers, we were able to present a grand total of over $2.1 million to more than 235 hero organizations throughout the country.

2020 : the largest Lowe’s Canada Heroes Campaign to date

To discover the hero organizations supported in your area and the sums presented as part of the 2020 Lowe’s Canada Heroes Campaign, click on one of the links below:

The associates of the Lowe's South Brampton Store were thrilled to have exceeded their fundraising goal!

The team at our affiliated RONA store in Weyburn supported the Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop a non-profit organization that provides support services so that citizens experiencing intellectual disabilities can achieve their ideal quality of life.

The RONA Québec and Réno-Dépôt Beauport stores joined forces to support Laura Lémerveil, an organization that supports children living with a handicap.

The team at our Lowe's Milton store rallied together in support of the Darling Home for Kids, a respite home that provides care and services for sick children.

Drawing inspiration from the wave of rainbows that flooded the country in the spring, the team at our RONA Carignan store created a beautiful arch to encourage customers to donate to their chosen hero organization: Le 2159 - Action Nouvelle Vie.