COVID-19 cases in our stores

We take each confirmed case of COVID-19 infection among our associates extremely seriously. To ensure the health and safety of our associates and customers, we rigorously apply public health authorities’ recommendations and guidelines. We proceed to an extensive cleaning and disinfecting of the premises, measures that are in addition to the enhanced cleaning and disinfecting measures already in place. Associates identified as having been in close contact with the infected associate are put on preventive paid quarantine at home. We also communicate with our customers to inform them of the situation and let them know of action taken in response to it (e.g., through social media postings).

You will find below information about the stores for which we have been notified of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis among our staff. We will strive to update this content in the best possible delay as more information becomes available and as the situation evolves.

Date Lowe’s Canada was informed

Store name

Store address

Last workday of the infected associate

July 15, 2021

RONA Châteauguay

41, boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Châteauguay, Quebec

July 13, 2021

July 25, 2021

RONA Lindsay

36 Harvest Street, Lindsay, Ontario

July 24, 2021